About Us

new-pic-500Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Marcel had always been surrounded by nature and its raw beauty. Growing up in a rural community, it was a way of life to be hardworking and customary to work with your hands and use the resources that were available. Naturally, working with the organic materials, principally wood, became a passion for Marcel. Pursuing work opportunities, Marcel relocated to Toronto to work in the construction industry, with a focus on his talent for carpentry until a serious motorcycle accident changed his mobility and outlook on life. During his recuperation, he was inspired to develop his creative abilities and devote himself full time to his love of woodworking and stone carving.

Nicole has a very different story. She grew up in Montreal, spending most of her childhood in a strict boarding school. It was here where Nicole learned discipline and established her strong work ethic. Nicole’s passion for culture, travel and fine food lead her to the south of France where she lived for a few years before returning to Canada. The opportunities to travel and meet interesting people as a flight attendant appealed to Nicole and she dedicated 25 years of service to one of Canada’s major air carriers.

Marcel and Nicole combined their passion for cooking and fine woodworking and set out to design and create their own line of kitchen utensils. These products were the foundation on which they set out to form their company, IMAGINE WOOD in 1999. Their log home and workshop in Combermere, Ontario, designed and built by the couple is where each creation is hand carved, sanded and oiled with care. Each design and innovation is a successful stride to Marcel and Nicole’s vision to bring the natural beauty of wooden tools to the 21st century.

Their utensils and other creative design pieces can be found at fine art and craft shows across Canada and in selected stores in North America.

As many of you know, Marcel Dionne passed away on October 7th, 2018.

True to Marcel’s spirit, he worked very hard right until the end.

Marcel’s pieces are still available for purchase on this website while inventory lasts.

Marcel and myself would like to thank all our customers for their continuous support.

Nicole Picotte